Find It! Keep It!
Keep webpages in your own database so you never lose them.

Getting Help

We may have already have answered your question. Please check the FAQ below to see!

Find It! Keep It!'s 12 page documentation answers most users questions. I kept it short and pithy to save you time.

If you still can't find an answer, I recommend trying the user forums because I and other experienced users check it and can help you.

You can also email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open the Find It! Keep It! file I downloaded?
Double click on it in the Finder.
What is a beta?
A beta application is going through its final phase of testing to find and fix flaws that significantly impair end-user experience.
How much will version 1.0 cost?
During the beta testing phase, a single-user license will be available at a reduced price of $30. Thereafter a single-user license will be available for $40.

Site Licences and non-profit licenses are available at a discount. Please contact us for details.

Why are the navigation buttons not grouped?
To save you time. When working quickly it is easy to miss a button. If you press stop, reload, backwards or forwards by mistake, you'll waste a lot of time recovering.
Why don't you support multiple windows or tabs?
Multiple windows share information and this breaks Find It! Keep It!'s ability to save and restore webpages.
Will you ever support multiple windows? Tabs?
If I find a reliable way of supporting these features, I will add them.
How do I stop the update mechanism from prompting me all the time?
Choose "Install the new version", or "Skip this version". You can always select Check for updates in the "Find It! Keep It!" main menu later, if you decide to upgrade.
Why does the Flash plugin not track the file's date?
Find It! Keep It! saves plugins and restores them so that your pages appear exactly as they did when you saved them. When switching from a page with Flash 9 to a page with Flash 8, Adobe's test at shows that the correct plugin is loaded, even though the context menu does not change back from "About Flash 9".