Small developers still alive and kicking

Despite WWDC concerns, small developers are still alive and kicking. Parallels is doing extremely well, although it may soon have a free competitor.

Glenn Wosley lists 5 mystery projects soon coming to the Mac… He missed mine :-) I don’t have a (finished) logo yet, but I do have a tagline: Find It! Keep It!, Software made by Packrats for Packrats, coming soon to a Mac near you!

How soon? Sign up for private beta-testing and find out! I hope really soon.

2 Responses to “Small developers still alive and kicking”

  1. Glenn Wolsey Says:

    You spelt my name wrong! ;-)

    Send me an email with some details about your new application and I’ll see what I can do.

    Glenn Wolsey

  2. sengan Says:

    Yup… sorry.

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