WWDC from a software developer’s viewpoint

When an eagle descends, only the prairie dog it targets runs away. Everyone else sits up and looks at the show. “Will Jack get eaten this time?”

WWDC is exciting for end users. It’s even more so for developers! Of course we all are excited to learn about the latest and greatest, and love unexpected surprises such as DTrace support. However there’s a bad side. Will Apple Steam roll my product?

It happened to Audion with Itunes. It happened to Karelia with Sherlock, and then it seemed to happen again this MacWorld Sandvox.

This WWDC has been particularly ruthless:

It’s hard to argue that Apple should not improve its operating system, bringing the benefits provided by these tools to the masses. It’s even harder to argue that when its competitor Microsoft does the same thing. As did Google, with its free offering of Google Earth. However it’s also really hard for the developers to compete with “Free!”. And these features are free, because they come free with new computers, or with OS upgrades required to run some other application.

5 Responses to “WWDC from a software developer’s viewpoint”

  1. sengan Says:

    Seems some other people noticed this too!

  2. J.Y. Says:

    In fairness, you’ve got to read this great tale of Audion - http://www.panic.com/extras/audionstory/ It could’ve BEEN iTunes ;-)

  3. WaltDe Says:

    Very good reading. Peace until next time.

  4. Bart Says:

    Can’t agree on Spaces… both free alternatives are unstable alpha releases, and $40 for a virtual desktop feature; I don’t think so… Built-in on every new Mac, and developers working to make sure their apps don’t crash with Spaces, instead of Apple working to make sure Spaces doesn’t crash on the 10,000+ apps out there; nice.

  5. anont Says:

    isn’t virtual desktop out of development? and has been for awhile?


    there’s also you control desktop (30) but offers a lot more functionality than spaces (it seems) and is the only one that doesn’t have lots of instability reports

    I’d guess that you control will survive, but I haven’t played with spaces yet….

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