I just received the author copies of my book.

3 Responses to “Woohoo!”

  1. Eimantas Says:

    Congrats! Do I, as a first commenter, get one copy for free? .)

  2. sengan Says:

    Unfortunately my relatives, friends, old coworkers have all claimed one :-) !

  3. Jason Says:

    First, I love your writing style. I’ve been programming on-and-off as a hobby since the early 1980s. (I love that you reverse engineered the Atari ST… I ran a BBS on an Atari 800 way back when!)

    Anyway, I really need help with some code from your book. I’ve scoured the internet and poured over the code looking for some sort of missed punctuation or something. I’m getting an “expected method body” error on the @end line. Here’s the code cut-and-pasted from my Xcode, which I copied from your book.

    @implementation CalculatorModel

    - (float) value {return value; };
    - (void) setValue:(float)v {value = v; };
    - (void) saveValue:(float)v atIndex:(int)i {savedValues[i] = v; };
    - (float) savedValueAtIndex:(int)i {return savedValues[i]; };

    - (void) add: (float)v {value += v; };
    - (void) subtract: (float)v {value -= v; };
    - (void) multiply: (float)v {value *= v; };
    - (void) divide: (float)v {value /= v; };

    - (id) init


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