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Tetratile Video

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Tetratile is now available at the Apple Store
I’ve just made a small video of Tetratile in action.


Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Apple has just approved my iPhone/iPod game Tetratile. It’s a board game which requires you to line four tiles up in a row, a column or a diagonal. You insert pieces from the right or the bottom, so each move changes the configuration of the board. This makes Tetratile quite challenging and addictive.

I think Tetratile will prove to provide many hours of entertainment as each level of difficulty requires an even better understanding of the game.

Here’s a picture of a game in progress:

As you can see the red player is one step away from winning.
The lower bar shows that the red player won the first game, and the blue player won the second.

You can play against the iPhone/iPod, or against a friend.

You play by dragging tiles onto the board. Notice that you can drag from the center of a column or row, as well as from the edge.

Tetratile will be available for a week at an introductory discount of $3 and then it will go up to $5. I hope you like it!