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Small developers still alive and kicking

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Despite WWDC concerns, small developers are still alive and kicking. Parallels is doing extremely well, although it may soon have a free competitor.

Glenn Wosley lists 5 mystery projects soon coming to the Mac… He missed mine :-) I don’t have a (finished) logo yet, but I do have a tagline: Find It! Keep It!, Software made by Packrats for Packrats, coming soon to a Mac near you!

How soon? Sign up for private beta-testing and find out! I hope really soon.

First Leopard review with pictures

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Mac Bidouille now has a review of the version of Leopard that was handed out by Apple at the WWDC. As expected for a developer release it has some bugs and some compatibility problems. For our French readers, lisez l’article original ici.

In other news, Microsoft has decided to drop VB from the Mac version of Office. They’re open to suggestions. I would have thought the only point of Office on the Mac is to be 100% compatible with Office on the PC. It’s odd that they’re not just migrating to x86 for future versions of Office: Compile the Windows VBA engine with MASM, munge the binary to link into gcc. Yes the ABI isn’t compatible, but that only affects the input/output edge of the engine. I’m surprised that’s a concern to a company that invented thunking