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Concurrent Clean compiler to support Haskell

Friday, February 29th, 2008

I stumbled upon the the news that the Clean compiler will support Haskell. While Haskell is not in the Beta version of Find It! Keep It!, it will be after 1.0 (see The Haskell Communities and Activities Report).

Why am I excited? Clean’s compiler produces faster code than GHC making it real competition. But in the longer term, because I personally still feel IO is an unresolved problem in Pure Lazy Functional Languages:

  • In the early days of Haskell everyone (including me) used continuation style: Every function doing IO needs to be passed the next function to perform, and some functions “magically” have side effects. Because Haskell is lazy, this was very painful in practice as you had to know what would be evaluated when: there was no guaranteed order in which I/O would occur.
  • Monads rescued Haskell with a much more imperative notation: do this, then that. They guarantee ordering by restricting the ways in which you can use them, and hide all the nasty side effects (I/O) under the covers. While less painful than continuations, you end up with different domains for each monad you use and another domain for purely-functional code. Mixing code from different domains requires paying a Monad Tax: for Monads, managing a Monad Transformer Stack (I wish I was kidding) and for purely-functional code, sometimes having to change its signature and rewriting it in terms of monads instead. (see SPJ’s slides)
  • Clean solved the problem with Uniqueness Typing: you pass the world around as an object, and do things to it. Uniqueness Typing guarantees there is only one order in which I/O will occur, but retains the standard functional way of writing code.

I don’t really like using Monads. I’m hoping that making Clean & Haskell linkable will lead to advances in this area. Perhaps some combination of Monads for some problems, and Uniqueness Typing and Implicit Parameters for other problems, will improve the situation.

Argh… Beta 3

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

The first bug I got back from Beta 2 showed that the new Crash Reporter functionality wasn’t always started up correctly… despite my testing for that case. Turns out that what I thought was memory given to me by Python was in fact garbage collected (and therefore … disappears after an indeterminate amount of time). Since the Crash Reporter is the means for users to signal bugs, I’ve had to rush the third beta.

Lovely Colorado weather

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Of course one day after I give my beta testers a tentative release date, I get 2 feet of heavy snow which knocks out the power for a full day (from 5 am to 6 pm). Heavy snow that breaks electricity wires only usually comes in the Spring!

What is going on in our skies?

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

The last 10 days have been like a bad B-movie! What was it that Bruce Schneier said about giving in to fear being what the terrorists want?

People are going to stop flying if they keep this up. Even Ryan’s air requirement that passengers board naked won’t save the airline industry.