Find It! Keep It!
Keep webpages in your own database so you never lose them.

About Ansemond LLC

Ansemond LLC develops simple to use, yet powerful end-user Mac software.

Sengan Baring-Gould founded Ansemond LLC in 2006 to develop technologies that will improve people's lives. Ansemond LLC is based in Colorado at an elevation of 8600ft.

Find It! Keep It! is Ansemond LLC's first product: a tool to save and organise web content.

Find It! Keep It!'s genesis was in 1998 when Sengan volunteered for Slashdot. A precursor of blogs, he used Slashdot to keep track of cool articles he found and share them with others. Unfortunately Slashdot doesn't keep a copy of the articles it links to. After a few years, the summaries he had written for Slashdot were filled with dead links.

Sengan Baring-Gould has been programming since 1981. In 2000 he received his PhD in Artificial intelligence (Natural Language Processing). Prior to Ansemond LLC, he wrote software for ESAT software and worked for Cyrix, National Semicondutor and AMD. Over 5 million copies of his software have been shipped.


Simone Baring-Gould made the Squirrel icon. If you would like her to make an icon for you, please contact me.